Alpha Pearl Foundation, Incorporated

The mission of the Alpha Pearl Foundation, Incorporated is to support community outreach; to build a stronger future by assisting our youth in their scholastic endeavors; and to accomplish these goals by perpetuation our pledge to be of “Service to All Mankind”. In addition, the purpose of the Alpha Pearl Foundation, Incorporated is to foster the Educational, Social and Cultural standards to service the needs of the communities located in south Palm Beach County.

The philanthropy efforts of the Alpha Pearl Foundation, Incorporated are in positive correlation to the established goals as outlined by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Xi Pi Omega Chapter. Our philanthropy scope focuses on awarding scholarships on an annual basis to local high school graduates as well as providing support and service to local and national programs including organizations that align with our mission and vision.

Thank you for your interest in the Alpha Pearl Foundation, Incorporated.


Dr. Pia M. Pierre


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